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Fresh MLK Spills!

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Shockwave. Ill art. I wish I knew who did this. 
Go Black Stars! 

I love y’all but I need some me time (thx @emeraldstarfox )

Me x 100
Summer is approaching.
Favorite shoe of all time.


Nike Huarache Cool Grey Custom’s done by Shoe Pornn.

Why you should jump on the Canadiens’ bandwagonWhen the Montreal Canadiens became the only Canadian team to qualify for the playoffs, this newspaper predicted hockey fans across this country wouldn’t automatically hop on board the bandwagon.It made sense. The Habs weren’t Canada’s team. They were Montreal’s team. Toronto fans did not grow up reading The Hockey Sweater. Vancouver had no connection to Rocket Richard or Guy Lafleur.Cheer for the bleu, blanc et rouge? In Edmonton or Calgary? In Ottawa or Winnipeg? Tabernac!And then a funny thing happened. The Canadiens swept the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round. And they followed it up on Wednesday by slaying the mighty Boston Bruins in a seven-game series where the little guys flexed their muscles against the bullies of the NHL. And now, with Montreal eight wins away from bringing the Stanley Cup back to Canada for the first time in 20 years, we don’t care where you’re from.We’re cheering for the Canadiens. (Photo: Elise Amendola/The Associated Press)
Watching this later. Enjoying this picture now.

Saving South Sudan
We devoted an entire issue of the magazine to Robert Young Pelton and Tim Freccia’s sprawling 35,000-plus word epic exploration of the crisis in South Sudan. It’s a companion piece of sorts; watch the documentary and read the issue or vice versa. But you won’t get a full scope of the situation without doing both.